English Pronunciation Coaching so that YOU can become a Confident Communicator today!


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In a culturally diverse society, your accent plays a big part in your heritage and your identity, so in order to succeed in business you must be able to #communicate #effectively with clarity, be heard and understood. However, if your accent causes you to be misunderstood; inaccurately represent yourself, your professionalism and expertise then your career success and work performance will be in jeopardy.
The Biebie Productions English Pronunciation Coaching will address your pronunciation, enunciation and communication problem areas. We don’t want to remove your accent, but instead teach you various techniques to strengthen your speech organs in forming the correct English sounds; thus improving the clarity and articulation of your English pronunciation and Enunciation communication.
We aim to improve and make you aware of your #spoken accuracy, so that YOU can SOUND clear, confident, engaging, dynamic, #expressive and persuasive. When your voice achieves these qualities, not only is the effect #empowering; because, you now experience greater #success and confidence in meetings, #presentations, #public speaking engagements, #training, interviews and #sales pitches.

• Greater confidence, clarity and influence when speaking in public, business and social situations
• Better Communication and engagement with people at conferences, meetings, Retail (sales) and or on the telephone
• Assist in scholars learning the TEFL course
• Greater awareness of HOW to use the voice effectively (vocal presence)
• Professionalize the way you speak
• Improved results when you need to get your ideas across
• Elocution Techniques to control and project your voice
• A reduction of any specific features of voice including a regional or national accent
• Clear speech and diction (pronunciation) in a neutral accent helping you reach your potential and goals.

We strive for excellence because Biebie trains winners!

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